Professional Development for Fitness Trainers

Professional Development for Fitness Center Trainers is an effective way to help trainers reach their professional potential. I use an innovative group coaching model specially designed for fitness center trainers. Trainers learn practical and effective strategies to address club member management issues.

The program:

  • Presents practical methods to retain/renew club members
  • Enhances relationships between members and trainers
  • Prepares trainer to upsell

Whether you own a studio or manage a health club, your trainers will benefit from this unique program.

Individual Coaching for Trainers

If you work with private clients, you’ll want to take advantage of my experience coaching individual trainers. As the trainer’s coach, I’ll work with you to create an action plan to grow your business. You’ll learn best practice to promote yourself and overcome the challenges that face independent trainers.


When you sign-up for either the Professional Development Program or individual coaching, you’ll get a FREE copy of Critical Connections – A Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Your Business Through Referral Marketing. Please contact Evan Leepson for more information.