Failure Is Not An Option

marketing plan

What’s holding you back from creating and executing your marketing activities in a timely way? You’d be surprised. Below, I’ve listed six challenges that might derail your marketing efforts. Where did I get this? I’ve experienced all of these challenges one time or another during my career as a marketing professional. I’m not suggesting any quick fixes, but I encourage you to think carefully and ask yourself the tough questions.

Challenge: Too much, too soon (underestimating the extent of the work)

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How many social media platforms can I realistically handle at once?
  • How many networking events can I attend?
  • If I could select only one marketing tactic to implement…
    • What would it be?
    • Why would I select it?

Challenge: Unrealistic timelines    

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do I have a realistic completion date for planning my campaign?
  • Do I have a realistic date to start executing my marketing campaign?
  • Did I discuss with someone else the feasibility of keeping to my deadlines?

Challenge: Money, time or energy constraints

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Did I carefully estimate how much my campaign will cost? Always a good idea to get three proposals from freelancers.
  • Have I considered how much time and energy I want to spend on marketing vs. delivering my product or service?

Evan’s rule of thumb for budgeting: Take your proposed budget and double it! That might give you an idea of what’s in store for you.

Challenge: Selecting the wrong person to help

Questions to Ask Yourself

Would I:

  • Hire my brother-in-law (or other relative) to design my website?
  • Hire someone to help me if they do not have marketing experience relevant to my business or profession?
  • Hire the least expensive freelancer? (You get what you pay for)

Challenge: Scope creep occurs when your project (creating a marketing campaign) expands beyond its initial size

Questions to Ask Yourself

Have I:

  • Set a specific goal for my marketing campaign?
  • Talked to those involved in helping me create my marketing campaign (freelancers, etc.) and clearly articulated scope of work?
  • Know when to STOP before scope starts creeping

 Challenge: Your life interferes

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What life events or family commitments might derail my marketing activities?
  • Are there certain times of the year that might cause me to delay implementing my marketing campaign?

Just by asking questions, answers might come to you.