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Is Powerpoint Painful?

“PowerPoint is painful.” Max Zaklow-Leepson I’ve written about the pros and cons of using PowerPoint to present information. The blogs are: Part 1 PowerPoint: What’s the Point? And Part 2 PowerPoint: Making the most out of your presentations Instead of pontificating about why PowerPoint is fraught with misleading and irrelevant information, I’m just going to […]

Where Did Your Customers Go?

Marketing researchers have obsessed over customer loyalty for ages. Large corporations have devised elaborate customer loyalty programs. But things are changing, quickly. Nowadays, customer loyalty is slipping through the fingers of corporations. I sifted through several market research studies on loyalty and brand loyalty. I concluded that when it comes to keeping customers loyal, there […]

Snakes, Spiders and Public Speaking

Are you afraid of spiders? Snakes? Heights? How about fear of speaking in public? Fear of public speaking, better known as ‘stage fright ’is one of the most common fears people experience. At some time in your life, you’ll probably be asked to speak in public. Are you getting anxious just thinking about it? Whether […]

What’s The Difference Between an Elevator Speech and a Power Message?

  In this post, I’m going to talk alot about power messages and little about elevator speeches. The topic of topic of elevator speeches is covered in my post called Does Your Elevator Speech Stop at the Right Floor? If you’re self-employed and your business mostly relies on referrals from colleagues or others, you’ll want […]